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Congratulations to New Orleans on their Victory!

2010 February 8

If you’ve never visited New Orleans, you need to. It is a one of the few American cities with a rich culture, especially for its size. When Hurricane Katrina unleashed her devastation in 2005, more than a few people were writing eulogies for New Orleans. They said that New Orleans would never fully recover, and that this city’s greatness was dead.

Poignantly symbolic was that the New Orleans Saints played their home games for the 2005 season outside the city. New Orleans did not die, and yesterday a great symbolic victory was achieved. The New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl for the first time. They are world champions!

It was an interesting game. The Indianapolis Colts thoroughly outplayed the Saints in the first quarter, and took a 10-0 lead. Then the Saints turned things around, and finished the half down 10-6. The second half began with a shocking onside kick by the Saints, which they recovered. The third quarter would end with the Saints down by just one point, 17-16. The fourth quarter was all New Orleans, and they won the game 31-17.

Like many other people, I neither like nor dislike the Saints, but I really wanted to see them win. Not for their fans, but for their city.

New Orleans’ recovery from Katrina is still not complete, but I hope that yesterday’s victory has brought their spirit to new heights.

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